Committee Needed for Brinklow Tournament

We are looking for at least 2 more volunteers to help with the arrangements of the Brinklow Junior tournament.

Currently we have the following volunteers:-

Stu Baker – Tournament Co-ordinator
Karen Stewardson
Martin Smith
Andy Gilbey
Daniel Mallinson

As all the current volunteers are new to the role we need to be confident we have sufficient people involved to ensure that the group are not over-burdened with the workload – To that end we have set a deadline of the end of November by which time we MUST have the core number of volunteers. If we don’t have the core number the tournament will not run.

Aside from the huge enjoyment all the players, parents and helpers get from the tournament it brings in a sizable income and covers the cost of the presentation night each year. Without the tournament it is likely we will have to increase the subs significantly next season.

If you wish to get involved in the organisation or have a parent you think would like to help then please respond so that I can add your name to the list. I would expect that we will arrange a meeting shortly for all volunteers and last year’s committee to start the handover process. Of course we will also be available over the months leading up to the tournament to offer advice and guidance where requested.

The tournament dates have been set for 29th, 30th & 31st May.

2 thoughts on “Committee Needed for Brinklow Tournament

  1. Richard Farthing

    As new group of people will arranging the tournament in 2015 they will need some important views.

    We have identified that 6 a side with squads of 8 no longer fits as well as it did because of the 5,7,9 & 11 a side formats that you play and especially the transition years when age groups step up for example from 5 to 7 a side. We have had feedback that teams moving up to bigger size matches do not want to enter tournaments where they practise for next season. That said there is only a certain amount of time and space available.

    We need to know from all Brinklow Managers what format you prefer for your age group i.e how many per side and the size of each squad.

    Please reply to me.


    Rich Farthing

  2. Richard Farthing

    The new sub-commitee are meeting on Monday 10 November so please reply as soon as possible.

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