Brinklow Tournament Winners & Runners Up

2017/18 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Grp 1 Firefighters CTK
Under 7's Grp 2 CTK Rovers Cov Sphinx
Under 8's Cov United Brinklow Blue
Under 9's Cov United Cov Sphinx
Under 10's Alvis A Alvis B
Under 11's Droitwich Alvis
Under 12's Weddington Sports Kings Rugby Town U11s
Under 13's Atherstone Ranger Villains Rugby Town Pumas
Under 15's Cov Copsewood Brinklow Celtic
Sully Cup (seniors) Brinklow Legends Black Hercules

2016/17 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Baginton Lion FC Leek Wootton Tigers
Under 8's Firefighters Brinklow Juniors
Under 9's Alvis Colts Central Ajax
Under 10's Christ the King Reds Leek Wootton
Under 11's Weddington Sports Lions Maypole
Under 12's Atherstone Ranger Villains Khalsa
Under 13's Christ the King Reds Old Wulfs
Under 14's Brinklow FC Lawford Utd Purple
Under 16's/Youth
Pitch 1&2
Clifford White Brinklow Blue
Under 16's/Youth
Pitch 3&4
Brinklow Bibs. Brinklow Utd

2015/16 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's RB FC  Atherston Rangers Red
Under 8's Alvis Colts Brinklow
Under 9's Droitwich Spa RB FC
Under 10's Kenilworth Wardens Brinklow Juniors
Under 11's Rugby Town Pumas Copsewood Blue
Under 12's RB FC Brinklow
Under 13's Cov Sphinx Lawford Utd Blue
Under 14's Groby Juniors Bedford Utd
Under 16's Clifford Park Red Brinklow Utd
Seniors FDS Jaguar

2014/15 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Rugby Town Tigers  Brinklow
Under 8's Droitwich Spa RB Coaching 1-1
Under 9's Hillmorton Rugby Town Eagles
Under 10's Rugby Town Bedworth Eagles
Under 11's Leamington Juniors Leek Wooton Colts
Under 12's Lincs Coast Juniors Lawford United Blue
Under 13's Carib Sports and Social Brinklow Yellow
Under 14's Alliance United Brinklow Supersonic
Under 15's Southam United Binley Woods Red
Under 16's Brinklow Blue Hillmorton Blue

2013/14 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 9's Coventry Copsewood Red Rugby Town Pumas
Under 10's Brinklow Blue Leamington Jnrs
Under 11's Ratby Sports Brinklow Red
Under 13's Tazmanian Cruisers Red Brinklow GT
Under 14's Stratford Town Colts Binley Woods Red
Under 15's Rugby Ajax Orange Kenilworth Wardens
Under 16's Alvis Warwick Jnrs Blue
Seniors Prince of Wales 'B' Long Lawford 'A'
(NOTE - u7's & u8's are non-competitive)

2012/13 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 9's St Nicholas Sporting Bilton Ajax
Under 10's Alvis Jnr Brinklow Red
Under 11's Brinklow Blue Brinklow Yellow
Under 12's Coventry Copsewood Yellow Cov Jag
Under 13's Cov Jag Yth CTK Ronaldo
Under 14's Cov Jag Youth Blue Rugby Ajax
Under 15's Alvis Colts Warwick Jnrs White
Under 16's Hillmorton Jnrs Blue Weddington Thistle Silver
(NOTE - u7's & u8's are non-competitive)

2010/11 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 9's Brinklow Massey Ferguson
Under 10's Cov Copsewood Green Brinklow Thunder
Under 11's Mount Nod Utd Bulkington Sport
Under 12's Brinklow Yellow Cov Jag Barca
Under 12's Girls Brinklow Yellow Brinklow Blue
Under 13's Rugby Town Orange Brinklow Rangers
Under 14's Santos Youth Colts Rubgy Town Juniors
Under 16's Redditch Utd Lawrence Sheriff
Under 16's Girls Leamington Lions Brinklow Blue
(NOTE - u7's & u8's are non-competitive)

2009/10 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 9's Brinklow Red Cov Sphinx Red
Under 10's Cov Copsewood Blue Eastlands
Under 11's St Nicholas Brinklow Yellow
Under 12's Hillmorton Claret Hillmorton White
Under 13's Girls Leamington Lions Leamington Lions Gold
Under 13's Cov Jag 2004 Caludon Youth
Under 15's Girls Alveston Woodlands
Under 15's London Rd Green Rugby Town Eagles
Seniors Brinklow 1st White Brinklow Town
(NOTE - u7's & u8's are non-competitive)

2008/09 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 9's Christ the King Leamington Hibs
Under 10's Brinklow White Rugby Town Black
Under 11's Brinklow Rovers C.R.C.
Under 12's Cov Jag 2004 Kenilworth Wardens
Under 12's Girls Bedworth Utd Brinklow
Under 14's Athletic Utd Black Brinklow Yellow
Under 14's Girls Coventry City Alveston Lions
Under 15's Brinklow Rangers London Rd Lions
Under 16's Longford Park Yellow Brinklow Rovers
(NOTE - u7's & u8's are non-competitive)

2007/08 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 8's (Group 1) Mount Nod N/A
Under 8's (Group 2) Binley Woods Red N/A
Under 9's St Nicholas Kenilworth Town
Under 10's Caludon Youth Royal Brinklow Lions
Under 11's AFC Pumas Milton Road Wanderers
Under 11's Girls Leamington Hibs Coundon Court Red
Under 12's Rugby Admirals Brinklow Yellow
Under 13's Girls Marston Green Rugby Admirals
Under 14's Caludon Youth Blue Brinklow Yellow
Under 15's Cov Sector Red AF Aerospace
Under 16's Cov Jag Red Whitley Claret

2006/07 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Coventry Jaguar 'A' Brinklow Yellow
Under 8's Coventry Jaguar 'B' Brinklow White
Under 9's Hillmorton Brinklow Yellow
Under 10's Brinklow Yellow Coventry Jaguar 'A'
Under 11's Rugby Town Strikers Firefighters 'B'
Under 12's Caludon Youth 'B' Rugby Town 'A'
Under 12's Girls Admirals Bedworth Eagles Royale
Under 13's Finham Park Rangers Caludon Youth 'B'
Under 14's Coventry Sector 'A' Brinklow Blue
Under 14's Girls Alcester 2000 Tazmanian Cruisettes
Under 15's Pro Santos 'A' Brinklow United

2005/06 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Coventry Jaguar 'A' Rugby Town
Under 8's Coventry Jaguar 'A' Coventry Sphinx
Under 9's Caludon Youth Christ the King
Under 10's Admirals Brinklow Yellow
Under 11's Rugby Town Black Rugby Town Orange
Under 11's Girls Bedworth Eagles Stratford Town
Under 12's Caludon Youth 'B' Brinklow
Under 13's Coventry Sector 'B' Brinklow
Under 13's Girls Tazmanian Cruisettes Oadby Girls
Under 14's Pro Santos Kenilworth Wardens Juniors
Seniors Coventry Sphinx Woody Rougues

2004/05 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Hillmorton Rugby Town Tigers
Under 8's Christ the King Rugby Town 'B'
Under 9's Bedworth Eagles Rugby Utd 'A'
Under 10's The Devils Brinklow u9's
Under 11's Caludon Youth 'A' Finham Park Colts
Under 12's Unipart Juniors Brinklow Old Boys
Under 13's Rugby Town Ryona FC
Under 16's Whitley 'A' Admirals 'A'
Seniors Sweeney TNT

2004/05 Season Winners Runners Up
Under 7's Caludon Youth Firefighters
Under 8's Brinklow ‘A' Admirals
Under 9's Brinklow Bears Dunlop Jets
Under 10's Caludon Youth ‘A' Brinklow
Under 11's Wyken Stretton Athletic
Under 12's Brinklow Lions Leamington Hibs
Under 14's Whitestone ‘B' Whitestone ‘A'
Under 15's Brinklow Colts Binley Woods
Seniors Toad ‘B' Toad ‘A'