Football Club





Many thanks to Wood Glaister and Texaco for kindly supplying us with our home and away playing strips. Thanks also to Technibond for the kind sponsorship of our training/rain jackets and also to Unipart for sponsoring our age groups tournament in the Brinklow 6-a-side. Our Sponsorship for this season amassed over £1000,quite incredible! Without this level of support we would be unable to provide the lads with the neccessary playing equipment so we are proud to be associated with you all. Thankyou.



After Richard and myself were awarded the F.A. level 1 club coach certificate, the training has become a little more structured this season. We decided to try to give the lads as much experience with the ball as possible and although we did split the reds and greens up during the majority of sessions we always trained at the same venue and tried to maintain a squad spirit.This has of course been difficult, as we obviously played in different leagues and had various matchplay scenarios which required more attention, however, we liased with Mick on a weekly basis so we were continually working from the same syllabus so to speak. Mick took it upon himself to arrange Saturday morning training sessions to give the lads in the green team some extra experience which seems to have had the desired effect. All of the boys have adapted well to the 'new' training sessions which has been showing in the focus, concentration and levels of enjoyment. Attendance at all training sessions was excellent,and thanks must go to all the parents and coaches for making this possible.


Seasons Review

Red Team - Our first season in competitive football has on the whole turned out as predicted. We all realised that this season was an opportunity to rebuild, gain valuable experience and rub shoulders with some of the best sides in the area, in the strongest division in the area. If I was brutally honest, at the start of the season some of our players were very much thrown in at the deep end, but to all of their credit they learned rather quickly what this league was about and applied themselves accordingly. The team performed very well throughout the entire season, and to their credit won games before I predicted they would, putting together an excellent cup run including an outstanding victory over the cup holders and eventual league champions.The latter part of the season saw the lads play with more confidence and creativity although our achilles heal was always scoring goals. The improvement in the team over the length of the season has been incredible and individuals football development has been fantastic. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable season,one that has been epitomised with the fabulous team spirit which has never wavered.

Green Team - This first term in league football for all intents and purposes was to introduce many new players to football and to give them a structured format to relax and enjoy the games whilst playing in a competitive environment. The Team got off to an absolute flyer in the first two months of the season, possibly fuelled by pure adenalin and excitement, but definitely due to the stability and calming influence of Mick. Inconsistency in the lads play was to creep in midway through the season, but this was largely down to either, the availability of some of the players or that on occassions we were carrying too many players. The constant rotation of the team meant it was difficult to maintain a settled side. Mick continued in the same vein and to his credit the lads performances in the final stages of the season were nothing short of excellent so as far as I'm concerned, job done! The team gained more experience, played competitve football and individuals improved beyond our expectations, due on the most part to the fun factor Mick implemented throughout the entirety of the season.

Squad Development - Towards the latter stages of the season, we as a coaching team were all fairly happy with all of the boys improvements so decided to mix the training sessions up a bit more and Mick arranged an array of friendlies for players of both teams to play in. These were very successful in the fact that it gave all the players confidence and confirmed that we had an excellent squad spirit. We decided to build on this exercise by using the entire squad in their introduction to 11-a-side. We played the under 10s and to be honest we gave a very good account of ourselves and all of the boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience.



As you are all aware we travelled to Yarmouth for what turned out to be a trip on aRoller Coaster for the Under 9s. I felt it was a thoroughly useful exercise for players and parents alike, with all of the players arriving back with added enthusiasm, and self belief. An excellent second day for the greens and a teriffic cup final appearence for the reds.


This season has been for me, possibly the most enjoyable I have been involved in since I was introduced to football, so personally I would like to take this opportunity to thank the players for their incredible committment and efforts. Thanks of course go to all the parents for their unrivalled support and help, and for all of the work many of you do behind the scenes to make our age group the success it is. I would also like to take this chance in thanking Tracy for her full backing and support in running the side. Last but by no means least, thanks have to go to Rich and Mick for your constant dedication, unbelievable enthusiasm and extreme patience for putting up with my endless phone calls and tantrums, you are both yellow and blue through and through.

Martin Pulford