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U8's (formerly u7's) NEWS

Newsletter September 2005

Training / Trials / Friendly matches
Well done to all of you who attended the academy, the club is proposing running similar sessions during the half term, if there is enough interest.

A game has been arranged for Saturday 3rd September against Chetwins of Nuneaton, not sure of the venue, will either be Barr lane or we will be away.

Training as normal then on 10th September, Barr Lane.
Training will then move to a Thursday evening, as most Saturdays will be taken up with league games, start time 6.45 pm for 1 hour, venue to be confirmed.


League Matches
Our league matches have now been confirmed first games will start on 17th SEPT – All games will be played on a Saturday.
All home games will be played at the Revel, we have our own specially marked out pitch!
All home games kick off will be 10am (don’t be late), Away games will be determined by the home team.

Under 8’s Hibs are at home against Christ the King for the 17th.
Under 8’s Hoops are away at Coventry Jaguar.


Subs & Registration forms

I MUST HAVE ALL REGISTRATION FORMS, BIRTH CERTIFICATES AND PAYMENT BY Saturday 3rd SEPT, any later it may mean missing some games.

Payment is £50.00, I made a mistake on the summer newsletter, sorry!


Kit Information


Nike Training tops with Brinklow written on the back – Price £15.00 (these are now slightly different to the original ones we had).

Stanno Raincovers (if you have never been given one, you will be given one once you register, but if you need a replacement) – Price £14.00

If anyone need replacement blue shorts and blue and yellow socks we have some in stock
Blue Shorts - £5.00
Blue & Yellow Socks - £5.00

For those who are signing for the first year, you will be issued these shorts and socks FOC

Our new red and black kit has caused somewhat of a storm (always good to keep the committee on their toes!), therefore we raised some more sponsorship through sponsors of last season AGFAPHOTO, PREMIER ARTWORK & STANDARD PHOTOGRAPHIC and now have the following for next season.

BOTH TEAMS will play at home in our Stanno Yellow and Blue kit –
Plus an away kit, when colours clash of our Stanno Red and Black Kit.


Sponsorship to date raised by us, in just over 12 months is now nearly £1200


Tour – Mayday bank holiday 2006
At the managers meeting last week, there were tentative discussions about next years tour, almost certain it will be Great Yarmouth (which we missed out on last year). Tour would be Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday Night, heading home on the bank holiday Monday.

At this stage, please can you let me know whether you might be interested in going. The club is having a meeting with the organisers in early September, we are hoping for discounts this year on the caravan prices etc.