Football Club

FA Qualified Coaches

Congratulations to all those people who passed the FA's Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football. Passing the course meant two consecutive weekends full of tuition & exams plus study during the days in-between.
A great effort by everyone!

Below is the list of people who can now proudly say they are a
FA Level 1 Club Coach!


Team 2004/5

Wayne Pulford

Under 6

Niall Murphy

Under 6

Will Barnes

Under 7

Declan Mellett

Under 7

Gordon Betts
Under 8
David Lowe
Under 8
Richard Farthing
Under 9
Martin Pulford

Under 9

Neil Cooper

Under 10/12

Jamie McKittrick

Under 10

Gary Stothard
Under 10
Dave Wright
Under 11
Dave Payne
Under 11
Neil Huddlestone
Under 12
Peter Day
Under 13
Tom Reid
Under 15
Dale Draper
Under 16
Paul Huddlestone

I'll be updating the contacts page with this info as soon as I get all the managers updated telephone numbers & email addresses in.

Paul Wilby