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Chairmans Report - Tony Glasscoe

u6's Report - Declan Mellett

u7's Report - Gordon Betts

u8's Report - Martin Pulford

u9's Report - Andy Pepper

u11's Report - Neil Huddlestone

Seniors Report - Paul Huddlestone


Chairmans report

The past year has once again seen the club develop and grow, concluding the season with over 200 players across 12 different teams. In overall terms the club continues to be a success, with a highly credible reputation both amongst the local football community, and also with the various league associations to which we are connected. It is particularly pleasing to note that we continue to receive unsolicited feedback from other teams and league officials about being a well organised, well behaved and successful organisation.

In April, the whole club was devastated by the news that Mick Holt had been involved in a terrible accident when fire broke out at his flat. Only the bravery and dedication of our local firefighters saved his life, and we are all extremely grateful that they were able to rescue him in such difficult circumstances. The value of their work will always be respected and admired by everyone who knows Mick, and their courage is something that will always be remembered by Brinklow Football Club. For many years Bolty has been the backbone of the football club as both secretary and team manager, and it is during his absence that we have realised exactly how much work and commitment he really puts in. More importantly however, Bolty is a great friend to all those connected with the club, and he is missed by everyone. On a positive note, with the dedication of doctors and nurses, and the tremendous care and support shown by his family and friends, Bolty is now well on the road to recovery, and the club is looking forward to him coming back home, ready for next season.

The growth and changes within the club, combined with Bolty’s absence, have inevitably created some difficulties with respect to the increased administrative and management of the clubs affairs. However, the club committee has shown great commitment and hard work to overcome these problems and if anything, has become a stronger team as a result. I am pleased to note that many of the newer members of the committee have put in considerable effort this year, and I would particularly like to thank Gordon Betts for the long hours he put into this years presentation day.

During the year considerable work has been done “behind the scenes” to develop policies and guidelines that will allow us to move forward in a professional and structured manner. These policies and guidelines have been derived from those provided by the Football Association and include Child Protection, a full database of all registered players and a formal “Constitution” which has been unanimously adopted in preparation for the 2004/05 season.
Thanks must go to Peter Day, Neil Huddlestone, Katie Crane and Heather Yeend who have all worked hard to achieve this. This work provides the club with a sound basis to achieve an FA charter during the coming season.

Other developments include the launch of our own club website which has already received around 1500 “hits”. The site is extremely professional and is a great way for our members and others to keep up to date with events and exchange information and views about the club. Thanks go to Paul Wilby for his commitment to the website as well as his continued success with the “On the Brink” magazine.

Sponsors continue to play a major part in financing our investment in kit, equipment and facilities across the entire club. Without their support the club would need to make dramatic changes to its financial structure, particularly annual subscription costs. Sincere thanks go to all those who have donated money, sponsored our teams and generally supported our events over the last 12 months, and also the many sponsors who have in fact provided their continued support over several years.

On the pitch we have enjoyed considerable success, particularly at our own six a side tournament where Brinklow teams picked up no less than 4 trophies. This success was undoubtedly felt by everyone associated with the club, and was concluded by a hard fought and emotional win by the Under 15’s. Dale Draper must be commended for the great job he has done with the Under 15’s during Bolty’s absence. During early May, 55 junior players made the long trip to Minehead for a 3 day festival, with the Under 8’s bringing back the enormous winners trophy after an enthralling display of football. The Under 10’s Blue team finished on a high by retaining the Lillington trophy for the third successive time, and the senior team reached their third successive Hospital Cup final, to round off a very respectable season. At the youngest level we have introduced micro football, which has been extremely popular, and at the other end of the scale, perhaps more for social reasons, we have introduced training for over 35’s. As a club therefore, we continue to provide football right through the junior ages up to senior level.

The two events which traditionally round off our season, have once again proved successful. The annual six a side tournament, was as successful off the pitch as it was on, with a new format of separate morning and afternoon sessions allowing us to provide football for over 80 teams, thereby increasing our income. Much help was provided by committee and parents over the 3 days, for which the club are extremely grateful. Presentation day was equally successful, despite not quite having the same collective atmosphere which has been achieved in previous years. For both events the club has continued to receive positive and enthusiastic feedback, as well as constructive ideas for improvement next year.

The continued success and development of the club will depend greatly upon our ability to provide improved facilities for all of our members. Whilst we have already started the quest for new pitches and changing facilities, and have held preliminary discussions with parish council and local landowners, it is clear that next season we must really accelerate these plans. We currently use pitches in 4 different locations, 3 of which are outside the village, leaving us with no identifiable place to call “home”. We should not lose sight of the fact that we are aiming to provide the best possible environment in which our players and teams can learn, develop and enjoy their football.

Finally, on a personal note, since accepting the role of chairman in late 2003, I have found the job to be tough and demanding, particularly in the absence of Bolty. However I have received tremendous support from fellow committee members and friends throughout the club, for which I am very grateful. In particular I must thank Alun and Heather Yeend and Taffy for their valuable support. It has been a great team effort this year, and I sincerely hope that we can continue to take the club forward and enjoy success both on and off the pitch.

Tony Glasscoe

u6's Report

Since our seperation from the Micro's in March we now have 9 regular players. We have competed in two games and the six a side. A good performance was given in all these games. Our aim over the next 6 months is to grow our squad and develop our skills and to continue to enjoy our football.

Both Will and I will be attending the FA coaching course during July which will hopefully inturn have dividends for our training sessions.

Declan Mellett

u7's Report

The squad formed with a nucleus of 3 players who had played with the previous year’s Under 7’s and grew to an established compliment of 13 regular players. Many of the children were new to the game but quickly picked up the basic skills and through perseverance and commitment have developed into capable footballers. Next season we look forward to seeing them progress even further.

At the end of the season we said goodbye to Chris Hall whose father has decided to set up his own team. We wish him luck with his endeavour.

At the start of the season we were blessed with good weather which enabled us to train at Barr Lane until mid November at which point we went indoors to Ernesford Grange. We emerged to the Spring sunshine in February to resume outdoor training and match playing at St Margaret’s School in Wolston.

Our approach has been to treat all children equally during their first year of football, allowing them all the opportunity to experience different playing positions. With a squad of 13 players we did not have enough to run two teams so when it came to playing 7-A-Side games we used extensive substitutions to ensure that everyone had at least one half game. Unfortunately this had a disjointing effect on our play and allowed our opponents to take more control particularly during the second half of a game.

Across the season we played 9 friendly games and took part in the Rugby Town and Brinklow 6-A-Side Tournaments. None of the results really reflected the effort and positive attitude that the children put in and it is only a matter of finding the right format so that we can settle into goal scoring mode. It was pleasing to see Sam Fletcher put the ball into the Rugby Town net three times in one game.

We are very grateful to Faye at Sposa Bridalwear for sponsoring our new Nike kit (which has been adopted by other age groups at the Minehead tournament - a nice compliment). We also thank Mark and Rucky for sponsoring the Under 7 trophies at the Brinklow Tournament and for providing car parking facilities.

Our first year has seen us set ourselves up for future years. We now have:

Strip for 15 players which should last at least another 3 years before it is outgrown.
Blue and yellow training bibs.
50 multi coloured training cones.
Use of a pair of Samba goals.

We will need to invest in more footballs before next season - where did they all go!

Social Events
We staged a Christmas party for the children, a Scalextric afternoon for the Club and an end of season Barbeque for the Under 7 children, parents and siblings (the Karaoke was unplanned - honestly!)

We are very grateful for the support that we have received from all the parents who have turned out every week. We are especially thankful to those parents who supported the Brinklow Tournament covering important tasks of setting up, security, barbequing, litter picking and packing up. A big thank you to other Club managers for support advice and encouragement - much appreciated.

Next Season
We will return as the Brinklow Under 8’s for the 2004/5 season. Training will resume on Saturday 28th August at 10:00am at Barr Lane where we will train until the weather stops us. In the close season David and Gordon will undertake the FA entry level coaching course. Alongside Moreno Francioso who has already completed the course, we will then have 3 qualified coached (one with FA Child Protection Registration) and will put into practice the techniques that we learn. Hopefully this will lead to another enjoyable season!

David, Robert and Gordon


u8's Report

I would like to take this opportunity to thank THE HILTON HOTEL for sponsoring both our playing strip for the past season and also for sponsoring our trophies at the 6-a-side.I would also like to thank Coventry Chemicals for sponsoring our shirts for the Minehead trip.

The majority of our training was based at Barr Lane over the past year although we Wintered at Ernesford Grange School. We continued to train as one complete squad throughout the year concentrating all of our efforts on passing, control, heading, and positional methods in both open play and set piece play. I feel that all the guys have benefitted immensely from these basic training methods which also instilled the laws of the game further into their minds.

League season review
We took the decision to enter 2 sides into the newly formed Friendly League and I can honestly say that it has had the desired effect we were looking for with all the guys gaining more experience playing against a variety of opposition and being able to put all aspects of our training into practise. A successful season all round with all the guys showing good attitudes and plenty of desire to achieve good performances. All of the lads are seemingly enjoying their football and the team spirit we have in the under 8s is fantastic and something we are very proud of.

In total this season we entered both sides into 6 competitions. The first was the league cup where the 'A' knocked out the 'B' team and ended up making the semi-finals. Next up was Minehead which of course we won, then their were 2 non competitive competitions at Admirals and Rugby Town. The other 2 were our own tournament, which we also won and the Bedworth Eagles tournament which served us a kindly reminder that you can't win every game you play in. On the whole we are very pleased at the experience the guys took from all the tournaments, and the progress all the guys have made whilst competing against a number of different teams. The plus points for me are that success breeds success and all of the guys are now at a stage in their personal development that they understand the neccessity of team play and the mental strength required to not only compete but to rise to the challenges that they may face and I can honestly say that all of the guys concentration levels are now at a very good level.

I'd like to thank Richard, Nick, Steve, Mark and Scott for all your hard work you have put in over the past season. I'd also like to thank all of the parents for being so supportive of the teams and also of me. lastly I'd like to thank the players for their fantastic committment over the entire season and for their passion in wearing the yellow and blue jersey, you are a credit to Brinklow F.C.we're lucky to have you.

Martin Pulford

u9's Report

The Team
We have had a great squad of 10 players who have been vastly improving all season, through hard work and dedication. The size of the squad has been a concern especially as next season is our last at 7 a side but we have recruited three good players from Wyken and hope to attract a couple more before the start of the new season. As the squad grows we will do our very best to give the lads chances to play – even if that means plenty of friendlies or practise matches.

We have trained both at Barr Lane, the Revel and inside at Ernesford Grange. Our matches next season will once again be at Wolston St Margerets, which we believe to be a superb venue, whilst training will be held mainly at Barr Lane. Gary, Neil and Jamie are all enrolled on FA coaching courses in the summer so the training should be even better next season – hopefully we will make it fun as well as trying to teach the lads further skills. The lads seem to have really enjoyed the training sessions – we will do our best to keep them interesting. Training will resume in August – we will call you all with the details.

After a shaky start we really started competing mid way through the season picking up points from teams in the top half of the league. We managed only 8 points from the first 13 games but gained 16 points in the final 13 games – a marked improvement. We scored 47 goals in the league and conceded 64, but our defence grew much stronger towards the end of the season as the midfield lads became fitter and offered better support. Our pre-season goal was to reach 10th position and we climbed to 9th in the league. Our other objective was to reach a semi final in a tournament – we managed to get into 3 semi finals and went on to win a memorable final in our own tournament – the pinnacle of a fantastic season. We could not possibly have asked the boys for any more – they have worked tremendously hard to achieve these levels of performance.

Huge thanks must go out to our sponsors Jamie and Tracy. Also special thanks to Christine and Leanne for all their fundraising support. All the parents have helped us in some way with the nets and general team support and it is fantastic to see you all cheering the team on – it really makes a difference. We have heard nothing but support from you all – even when we have got it wrong. That kind of backing is tremendous as running a team and keeping everyone happy is harder than it looks.

Andy Pepper


u11's Report

Summary of Season
Taking over from Tony Glasscoe in the early stages of the season I have tried to keep the running of the team as close to the way Tony ran it as I could. We started the season with fifteen players then we lost one just after Christmas who wanted to try his luck at Rugby Football, fortunately he will be back with us for the forthcoming season. We also managed to pick up two new players that have enabled our team to be more of a balanced squad. This will leave us with potentially seventeen players competing for the maximum sixteen places which we are allowed to sign on.
We are also attracting a lot of interest in new players through our training sessions but these players will only be signed on if it is in the interest of the whole of our team, and the players that will miss out playing through this will still be welcome to train as part of the Under 12’s for next year, then at the halfway stage in the season I will review the players and make changes as we see appropriate.
Next season we will be playing our football in the ‘B’ division which will hopefully give us more confidence and we will be aiming to bounce back up to the ‘A’ league by winning more games. If we were to do this I believe we would manage with the top division far more comfortably this way, as we would have gained more confidence through winning.

Football Tour - Minehead
The under 11’s went on tour to Minehead from April 30th through to May 3rd. We took 11 players on this and the feedback was that everyone had a very enjoyable time, by this I mean the players, the parents and the other members of the family that came along.

Six a side competitions
Brinklow under 11’s have so far been involved in three six a sides and we have one remaining. I have entered two teams in all competitions (Brinklow Blue and Brinklow Yellow) as this gives all our players the chance to play in every event.
I mixed the teams for the first (Rugby Town) and the third (Bedworth Eagles) and put two sides in the Brinklow tournament based on the players ability. I found doing this enables some of our lesser ability players to take control of situations that they probably would not have done in different circumstances. The last six a side being Whitestone I will split them up on ability. This will have given every player, whatever ability a game in a side that has every chance of a successful tournament.

Special Thanks
Finally I would like to thank Smiths Concrete (Arthur Hale) for there Sponsorship in providing the playing strip for 2003-2004, Sainsbury’s (Ian Partridge) for allowing us to generate in the region of £550.00 through two sponsored bag packs. A big thank you must go to Barclays Bank (Lucy Sud) for there pound for pound sponsorship of the netball that, when they doubled the amount it came to a whopping £818.00. Also I would especially thank the players that took part in this sponsored event with the money being used to subsidise the Footy tour to Minehead and to buy the team new training tops. What made it even more special was the fact that four of the players that did this could not even make the tour. But most of all I would like to thank all the players and there parents for your continued support and hope for as much in the following season.

Please reply with all your views good or bad.

Neil Huddlestone


Seniors Report

Brinklow 1st Team has had a very up and down season this year. Training started well with many new faces and a good moral within the team. Our pre-season friendly games went fairly well with us winning 3 and losing just 1 and we went into the league with plenty of confidence for a top 2 finish.
The league campaign started quite slowly with us struggling to put a strong team out for many of our early matches and with experienced players not playing to the best of their ability, for whatever reason, we found ourselves mid division in the table by November.
Over the winter period we started to play some good football winning through to the ¼ finals of the Hospital Cup and working our way up the league table to a creditable 3rd position. I feel this run of form coincided with our Xmas do at Highfield Rd which brought a great deal of camaraderie back to the team. For which I'd like to thank all of the season ticket holders for a good day out, Murph for sorting out the Transport, and Alun and Heather for their hospitality of the Breakfast and curry afterwards.
During the spring period we kept this form going, reaching the final of the Hospital Cup for our 3rd consecutive year and maintaining our league position of 3rd place.
Our run in to the end of the season was not so good though, finishing a disappointing 4th in the league. I ‘m not sure whether it was the team having one eye on the Final or the fact that a couple of players decided that they were better managers than Barry and myself and caused a bit of bad feeling within the Team. Either way by the time the day of the cup final had arrived our form was so poor that we could not raise our game on the big day, losing 1-0 to, in my view, a very mediocre Barley Mow side.

Yours sincerely

Paul Huddlestone