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Safe Surfing Guidelines
The Internet is a great place to have fun, but some people may try to use this for their own more dangerous purposes. Remember, people in chatrooms and on message boards may not be who they say they are. You can’t hear them or see them so you don’t really know if they are telling the truth.

Unfortunately, you cannot automatically trust anyone you meet online. Have a look below for advice on how best to protect yourself and make sure your on-line experience is fun and exciting as it should be!

1. Always tell a trusted adult
You should always let your parents or legal guardian know that you are using this message board.

2. Do not give out personal Information
You should never give out the following information about yourself:-

• Address
• Telephone number
• Mobile number
• School name

Also think about your friends and family. You should make sure you don’t give out any of this information about them.